For the genius hour that i am doing, i have chosen the topic medical marijuana, and the reason as to why the government denies the people there prefered medicine and forces them to spend 30% more on pills and prescriptions as to growing or buying there own medical marijuana from dispensaries or there own back yard. I have chosen this for my genius hour because i am a marijuana enthusiast, i believe medical marijuana is the cure for pills, it may not have as many medical uses but only because they are all chemically induced. I'm not saying medical marijuana isn't chemically induced but what im trying to say is that its made in massive loads and made out of pure chemical. At least with marijuana you have the choice to grow it organically or grow it with more additives to make it more powerful, of course always depending on the type of plant your growing you may or may not have to chemically cure it. My main reason for choosing this is to maybe change the views on marijuana and legalizing it for greater good, and also not wasting so much tax money on court cases about growing or selling marijuana. What i don't realize is why the gov't can legalize cigarettes, alcohol, and pills over marijuana. There is an average death of 443,000 people just in america who die from cigarettes, 2.5million people worldwide die from alcohol abuse annually, and prescription pills there are around 100,000 people annually in canada and America ALONE. Guess how many have died from marijuana use since its been criminalized and illegal, 0! marijuana has never been recorded to have the qualities to kill. Not one person who has ever smoked weed has died from it, and still the gov't says its a gateway drug and that it makes people crazy, and that it has more side effects then it does medical qualitys when all you hear on prescription commercials is 30 seconds of side effects, but no matter what we put on the plate, they fail to see the positive uses marijuana has on most people.


    I am a marijuana enthusiast.
    Trying to legalize the right we once had.
    Plant over the pill.


    October 2013